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Hallo zusammen,

heute gibt es mal keinen Beitrag von mir, da ich euch den neuen Blog meiner Schwägerin vorstellen möchte. Sie ist nämlich kürzlich zwecks Auslandssemester nach Oslo gezogen und berichtet von ihrem Leben dort. Hoffe ihr klickt mal rein   😉


This is my first day as an official registered short-time Norwegian. 🙂

The Lufthansa Lounge at Düsseldorf Airport was very nice. It was super big and there were Pretzel, mini-Schnitzel, Soup and Ice-cream. Fruits and Salad was also there. So I sat down and read a newspaper while I was drinking tea. It was a nice experience!

My flight was delayed due to technical problems, which was a bad timing for me. Arriving that late in a new city and then getting to your apartment is not the best. But the flight itself was great. I had a special three-course meal starting with a cream chesse filled bun and herring roe. My main course was Roastbeef with potatoes and salad and the dessert was a lemon cake. It was unexpectedly very deilcious and I look forward to the menu on the flight back.

Yeah so we arrived later and I…

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